Divination Spell Candle- Ritual Candle 4 oz. tin

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Divination Spell Candle- Ritual Candle
- 4 oz. tin

We are incredibly fortunate to share our homestead with several pairs of magnificent owls- they have so much to teach us: about silence (except when they are raising young-when they teach us loudly about the lack thereof), listening, about perspective- and they serve as powerful connectors to the spirit world.

Bones derived from their owl pellets are especially prized as divination tools, used in bone and rune casting, and as curios/amulets.

The Divination candle utilizes the magic of these bones, + herbs and stones from their hunting grounds combined with my Divination Oil. Created to be used in divination work, or whenever greater clarity and connection is needed.

Contains US grown soy wax infused with organic mugwort and essential oils, topped with bone, mugwort, amethyst and mica.

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