Appalachian Apothecary 

Hi there, Sarah here- the soul behind Savage Canary. I’m a mother, partner, artist, naturalist and folk herbalist living in Central Appalachia. Savage Canary is a one woman show and a culmination of my passions, as well as the legacies of my ancestors. I come from a long line of Appalachian plant people: midwives, medicine makers, herb doctors and granny women- with roots in many different cultures. I identify as a mixed race Appalachian and my people, often referred to as tri-racial isolates, Melungeons etc., have made their homes and lives in the mountains of Appalachia for hundreds of years. Their knowledge of the woods and mountains was passed down generation after generation, a weaving together of knowledge and skill particular to this region. My approach to plant medicine: community herbalism, sustainable ingredients and multi-purpose products is rooted in the practical sensibilities of my ancestors. Waste not, want not. Don’t take more than you need. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. These idioms were the refrain of my childhood and are still echoing through everything I do. 

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