Multipurpose Dish Bar

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Dish Bar- Winter Thyme
3 ingredients, 3 bajillion* uses

Each batch of Winter Thyme 2020-21 contains over 3 oz. of Lemon Thyme Essential oil blended with added Thieves

Custom Loaves are available!

Dishes, laundry, household cleaning, hands, face & body, shampoo, pets, plants, you name it.

Large, long lasting bar, made the old fashioned way. A full bar lasts several months with daily use as a dish soap, either hold under water stream while filling sink or use directly on a scrubby etc., or cut in in half, keep some in the shower and some by the sink. Shave some into warm water or vinegar for household cleaning & laundry, to treat pests on plants etc.. Makes a great stain remover and fruit/veggie wash.

*may be a slight exaggeration;)

Contains coconut and olive oil, essential oils

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