Ancestral Offertory Spell Candle- 4 oz. tin


Ancestral Offertory Spell Candle
- 4 oz. tin

Intended as an offering to the well ancestors, these are the same candles I reverently create for my own ancestral altars.

Each soy wax based candle is dressed with oils, herbs, a tear of frankincense and a carved bone skull.

Candle magic illuminates intention and radiates it into the world. Each time you light your candle, focus on the flame for a few moments and speak your intention. Magic flows where intention goes.

Never burn candles unattended.

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Gorgeous candles, almost too pretty to burn but they smell so good that burn them I will…with JOY!

This is a beautiful candle, made with intentional ingredients and deep care by the seller.

thank you- always a pleasure 🙏🏻

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