Kombucha Complexion Bar- Orange Spice Soap for Face


Kombucha Complexion Bar- Orange Spice
Large Bar
Approximately 5.5 oz.

Kombucha soap bar for face and body, with ground Cinnamon and raw honey.

Unlike most soap on the market today, all Savage Canary soaps are produced using the hot-process method. It's a much more labor intensive process, but it allows for greater control over the final product.

I'm able to leave more of the beneficial ingredients in their natural state, unaffected by the chemical reactions that take place during saponification.(saponification is the chemical reaction that turns oils into soap)

Most soap produced today has a super-fat of 5%. This means that only 5% of the beneficial base oils remain in the final product. (the rest have been saponified)

Savage Canary Soap has a super-fat of 15%, leaving 3 times more of the base oils and beneficials behind to nourish and moisturize your skin.

The bars are large, long-lasting, and produce an exceptionally rich lather. Great for all skin types.

Reviews (6)


These facial bars are great! They last a long time too!

This is the very best cleansing product for my face that I have ever used! It smells wonderful, the lather is rich, and it makes my face feel very clean without drying.

Wonderful facial bar!! I love this shop. Good for your skin and soul!

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