LEAP YEAR Mercury Dime Anklet and Protection/Binding Spell Candle


Protection Candle and Leap Year Mercury Dime Anklet

I only have three of the leap year dimes, they’re getting harder and harder to find!

Silver “Mercury” dimes, actually Lady Liberty dimes, were minted between 1916 and 1945 with the image of Liberty wearing a winged cap. This image was mistakenly thought to be Mercury, the Roman God of Communication, and that is the name that has stuck.
In conjure and hoodoo, these dimes are believed to be a powerful curio for protection, wealth and luck. A leap year dime is said to be especially lucky.
One of the traditional ways they are used in Southern Hoodoo is as a protective amulet tied around the ankle with red thread. They are also pressed into candles, used in mojo bags, or placed in one’s shoe.

Protection/Binding Spell Candle- 4 oz. tin

(Soy wax, crystals, herbs, + both infused & essential oils)

Poured and charged by lunar cycles and magic- each candle is dressed and infused with powerful protective herbs and intentions. Perfect for spell work, ritual baths and altars.

Candle magic illuminates intention and radiates it into the world. Each time you light your candle, focus on the flame for a few moments and speak your intention. Magic flows where intention goes.

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Absolutely loved my purchase . Shipped fast.

Arrived carefully wrapped and looking good! This is definitely of good quality!

This is amazing. Everything and More than I expected. Amazing Energy Thank you X

Fantastic! This is beautiful - thank you!

Thank you soo much!!!

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